reopening summer 2020

Location Echelon Boutique Indoor Cycling Club Dublin

reopening summer 2020

fam, we are delighted with the announcement that restrictions are easing and your warm messages over the weekend have been so lovely. we are pumped that we get to welcome you back to the studio after all this time.

while the restrictions lift next week, we’re taking an extra week to ensure that we reopen our doors to our awesome community in the safest and smartest way possible.

we are reopening from monday 6th july. 

we will have limited numbers of bikes within the studio, limited number of classes on the schedule, and a range of new operating processes, most of which you won’t notice, but some of which you definitely will. we will continue to fine-tune these as the days and weeks go on and they will be reversed or expanded where necessary. while we prioritise your safety, we cannot wait to accommodate those high vibes in that dark room that has been slumbering for 16 weeks.


new processes

hand sanitisation stations. one in reception and one outside the studio, this is a prerequisite to entering the premises and entering and exiting the studio.

intensive cleaning of equipment and surfaces. all bikes and weights will be cleaned and disinfected after every ride, even if not used. all door handles, railings and high-touch areas will be sanitised after every class.

shoes disinfected and rotated. this was always our policy, but we will continue to offer cycling shoes to optimise your ride and diligently and thoroughly clean and disinfect them afterwards. they are never worn two classes in a row.

no complementary towels. we are no longer providing sweat towels on the bikes. we ask all riders to bring their own sweat towel with them to their class – if you forget your sweat towel, you cannot ride. we will include a reminder in your booking and confirmation emails.

showers temporarily unavailable. we are asking our riders to reduce the overall time spent on the premises and therefore we are temporarily making the shower facilities unavailable. this is a short-term policy and we will update everyone within a few weeks of reopening.

cancellation policy. there are now only half a dozen spots in the class owing to social distancing. please be mindful of your fellow riders by adhering to our cancellation policy: you must cancel your spot by 6pm the evening before your class.

lockers and water fountain are still available and will be sanitised after every class. you can bring your own water bottle or purchase one of our branded ones at reception. rentals are no longer available.

ventilation. our hvac system is state of the art with constant fresh air supply and mechanical extract in all rooms on all three floors. she’s a beast of a machine so please rest assured that ventilation is optimised on our premises and the air is in constant turnover and never recycled.



all credits that were valid by lockdown will be extended. to view your account, log in to the ‘my account’ section on the website and your full history is there. we extended all of the dates manually, so if anything was automatically expired by our system in late march, please let us know and we will amend for you no problem. 
we will continue to offer online classes and will expand the timetabling of these as the weeks go on. we have advised many of our riders on bikes that they can purchase for their own homes as they adjust to the realties of wfh longterm.

it has been such a pleasure recording classes and welcoming new riders remotely. if you’d like to join our online offerings, read more about it here

we can’t wait to get back in to the studio with you, fam. see you soon