indoor cycling classes | echelon boutique indoor cycling studio dublin
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output 45 - Echelon Indoor Cycling Club Dublin

the output 45 is specially designed to track and improve athletic performance. we love outdoor cycling, but sometimes we come indoors for speed and strength work, or when the weather dictates. if you love data and feedback, you’re in good company. we use state-of-the-art technology to monitor your cadence, power, time and percentage heart rate. all of this data is available to you in real time on your personal bike console and projected overhead so we know our peloton is working together. save your stats at the end of each ride and track your progress over time. the output 45 offers classic, results-oriented, indoor cycling, set to a rousing soundtrack, in a competitive yet supportive environment.

output 60 - Echelon Indoor Cycling Club Dublin

the output 60 is just like the output 45, but a little longer and with an endurance focus. we train at moderate intensity for 60 minutes and use watts and heart rate zones for guidance and feedback. this class is designed for those looking to improve their aerobic capacity, and who have a little extra time to get there and stay there. the output 60 is ideal for endurance athletes training for events such as triathlons, road races and marathons. a perfect workout on rainy nights in dublin.

input 45 - Echelon Indoor Cycling Club Dublin

the input 45 (our signature class). get the most out of your bike and your time. this 45-minute ride pairs high-intensity interval training concepts with dynamic movement, choreography and a weights section for arms, shoulders, back, and core. the lights are low, your heart rate is high, and the beat of the music pushes you further. in the dark, covered in sweat, we move as a pack. we take our cues and turn inwards, tapping into intentions we’ve set, honouring our strength and grit. this is a workout for the body and the mind.

lets get fizzical - Echelon Indoor Cycling Club - Dublin

let’s get fizzical (our weekend ride). this ride is the input45 followed by the stayput45 – forty-five minutes of low-key loitering. once you sweat and shower, stay a little longer to toast the weekend and have the chats.  alcoholic and non-alcoholic bubbles provided.