metrics ride

metrics 45


our classical indoor cycling ride. we cue your rpm (cadence) and resistance level. we cue your effort level and time. you ride to the beat of the music and embrace your grit and determination. combining these data points on your monitor with supportive and inspirational coaching, you push further and leave stronger.

rhythm ride

rhythm 45


our signature rhythm ride pairs high-intensity interval training concepts with dynamic movement, choreography and a weights section for arms, shoulders, back, and core. the lights are low, your heart rate is high, and the beat of the music pushes you further. in the dark, covered in sweat, we move as a pack. we take our cues and turn inwards, tapping into intentions we’ve set, honouring our strength and grit. this is a workout for the body and the mind.

pulse ride

pulse 45


we take some of the best bits of our metrics ride and some of the best bits of our rhythm ride and put them together to create our pulse ride. a 45 minute metrics ride with two upper body weights sections, we focus on speed, hills, and high intensity power intervals. we cue rpm (cadence), resistance and, as always, we ride to the beat of the music

rhythm ride 30

rhythm 30


short on time, but high on vibes, this 30 minute high intensity rhythm ride features all the best bits of rhythm 45 condensed into a half hour extravaganza. we show up, we sweat, we get on with our day.

metrics ride 30

metrics 30


short on time, but determined to make the most of our session. metrics 30 is centred predominantly on endurance and steady state efforts – a challenging ride where focus and strength will get us to the finish line.

pulse 30 ride

pulse 30


short on time, but full of energy, this 30 minute high intensity ride combines power intervals, sprints, and heavy climbs with two weights sections for a full-body workout.

beginner ride

beginner 30

this ride is an excellent introduction to indoor cycling at echelon. we prioritise form and steadily increase the intensity over 30 minutes. the majority of the effort is in the saddle and at a ‘steady-state’ effort, so this ride is ideal not just for first-timers, but also for advanced riders in need of a recovery ride or anyone easing back into exercise after injury.

let's get fizzical

let’s get fizzical (our weekend ride).


we gather for a 45 minute ride and then stay for a glass of fizz. first we sweat, then we shower, then we toast the weekend. non-alcoholic and alcoholic bubbles provided. come for the movement, stay for the chats.

sunday serve

vibe 45

(sunday serve)

one sunday a month, we gather for vibe 45: a slower, heavier, vibier ride and an opportunity to ground ourselves in strength and power. we dim the lights, we slow our pace and we vibe out to some r n’b, trip hop, electronica, classical, gospel, soul, chillout, deep house and instrumental. we’re here, week after week, showing up and showing out.


but one sunday a month, we turn the dial all the way inward

run ride

run : ride


our signature endurance training concept. created by carla and sinead, the former our certified endurance running coach and master instructor and the latter our marathoner, ironman, duathlete and metrics instructor.

run : ride pairs outdoor running with indoor cycling for a cumulative 60 minutes of endurance training. first we hit the streets of dublin for a moderately paced run/jog for 30 minutes and then we clip in for a high intensity metrics 30. this ride is open to those looking to improve their endurance capacity but we advise it is not open to complete beginners or first timers (you need to have been to the studio a few times and be familiar and independent with bike set up and cleats).