output 45


our signature metrics ride. we cue your cadence and resistance level. we cue your effort level and time. you ride to the beat of the music and embrace your grit and determination. combining these data points on your monitor with supportive and inspirational coaching, you push further and leave stronger.

input 45


our signature rhythm ride. get the most out of your workout with this full body, rhythm-riding experience. our 45-minute rhythm ride pairs high-intensity interval training concepts with dynamic movement, choreography and a weights section for arms, shoulders, back, and core. the lights are low, your heart rate is high, and the beat of the music pushes you further. in the dark, covered in sweat, we move as a pack. we take our cues and turn inwards, tapping into intentions we’ve set, honouring our strength and grit. this is a workout for the body and the mind.

output pulse


we take all the endurance from output45 and sprinkle some of the intensity from input45 to create output pulse. a 45 minute metrics ride with weights, we focus on speed intervals and high intensity power intervals while our two weights sections bring the upper body into the party. we cue cadence, resistance, and rate of perceived effort (RPE) and as always, we ride to the beat of the music

input 30


short on time, but high on vibes, this 30 minute high intensity rhythm ride features all the best bits of input45 condensed into a half hour extravaganza. we show up, we sweat, we get on with our day.

strength lab


cycling and running demands dedicated time toward strengthening those areas that are essential for proper form and effective movement. in strength lab, we focus on the LHPC system (lumbar, hip, pelvic, core) as well as lower body and upper body. join us once a week for a focused full body strength routine designed exclusively for our riders and runners

stretch lab


cycling and running demand dedicated time for stretching out legs, hips, back and shoulders. before our ride or run we opt for a dynamic warmup to gently wake and warm the muscles; after our ride or run, we focus on slow, deep stretches for effective recovery and conditioning of the body. join us each wednesday and saturday to reset

let’s get fizzical (our weekend ride).


we ride our signature input45 and then stay for a glass of fizz after. we sweat, then we shower, then we toast the weekend and have the chats. alcoholic and non-alcoholic bubbles provided.


this class is currently unavailable in-studio for the remainder of 2020