welcome to echelon

what’s our story?

echelon indoor cycling studio is an independent, irish-owned, female-led indoor cycling studio in dublin city. we were established in 2017 and opened our doors to our first set of riders in september 2019. we got six months and two days of trading and then a global pandemic shuttered the studio fitness scene for about fourteen months. but we’re still here and still going from strength to strength.

echelon is owned by registered nutritionist carla bredin, who is a weight-inclusive practitioner. as such, echelon’s ethos since its founding has been about body acceptance and health at every size (r). we don’t photograph a lot of bodies round here, but we do celebrate them, in all their diversity of size, shape, fitness level, race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, and age.


we’re so glad you’re here.

your body is magnificent

getting started

step 1: register for an account.

option a: select the class on the timetable that you wish to book. this will take you to the login screen, where you can set up as a new customer and you will be prompted to top up your account to complete the booking of your class.

option b: select the class packs you wish to purchase from the pricing page. this will take you to the login screen, where you can set up as a new customer. you will be prompted to complete your transaction and your account will be topped up. you can then select what classes you wish to book into from the timetable

for first timers: we recommend buying the intro offer which gives you three classes for a reduced rate of €45. once you’ve found your feet after these three classes, purchase your pack ( 5, 10, or 20 class packs) or sign up for your monthly membership.

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what to bring

your beautiful self, obvs.

• we provide complimentary cycling shoes with spd cleats. no running shoes on the bikes. cyclists are welcome to bring their own shoes provided their cleats are compatible – its the small spd cleats, not the large/trio/look cleats. if you’re unsure, we can advise.
we provide complimentary towels for use during class and for your shower but you are welcome to bring your own.
• there are lockers to securely store your belongings.
• there is filtered water in the studio, so bring your sports bottle and top-up. we don’t stock plastic bottles of water but we do sell branded sports bottles.
• we provide complimentary shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body moisturiser in the shower rooms and we have hairdryers, deodorant, cotton buds, dry shampoo and baby wipes.

before class

if you’ve done spinning or indoor cycling before, then you know what’s ahead. in a nutshell: you pedal a stationary bike, your heart rate rises and you get a good sweat on. however, you ain’t seen nothing like echelon in dublin before, so let’s go through what else you can expect.

echelon is fitted with state-of-the-art air con, and temperature control, but be prepared to sweat. it gets sweaty. really sweaty.

light, breathable clothing is advised, but not too baggy or flowy. running gear, cycling gear and gym gear is generally the vibe. we’re body positive, so we encourage you to wear what is comfortable. from sports bras and leggings to cycling bibs and padded shorts, if you’re comfortable, we’re comfortable. we’re in close proximity to one another, so as a courtesy make sure your kit is defunkified between sessions.

please arrive 10-15 minutes before the class start time. this gives you adequate time to get set up and prepare for what’s ahead. you won’t be admitted once class has started. no latecomers. no exceptions. this is a strict policy because we take safety seriously and we can’t have latecomers fumbling around in the dark. we also take the echelon vibe seriously, and we can’t have our peloton disturbed when they’ve begun zoning in on their warmup.

your instructor or front of house assistant will gladly help you with set up. handlebars, saddle position and console all need to be adjusted for you. it takes several minutes to set up your bike to ensure you get the safest and most beneficial workout you can with the machinery you’re working with. once you’re clipped in, you’re all set.

after class

we build a cool down and a stretch into the close of our workout. this is an integral part of the session. it helps prevent injury, initiates effective recovery and brings your headspace in line with having to rejoin the city. we get that you might have to dash off, so ensure you get a stretch in as soon as you can.

step into the showers as soon as you’re off the bike. we provide complimentary shower products, fluffy towels and hairdryers to have you ready for work or your evening out. we’ve dry shampoo and baby wipes if you need a more express hygiene solution.

echelon is a high-octane, music-driven, immersive indoor cycling experience.
we turn the music up and the lights down, and each class is designed by our team of specialist instructors to provide the most exceptional workout in dublin city.

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what’s an echelon?

noun ech·e·lon \ ˈe-shə-ˌlän \
from the French, meaning ‘rung of a ladder’

in road cycling, an echelon formation is when the group of riders (the peloton) fan out in a diagonal line across the road. it usually happens in response to cross-winds on exposed roads which makes the work of the peloton much more difficult. drafting or slip-streaming is the reason echelons are formed; the sweetspot for drafting is directly behind and a little of the side of the rider in front of you. when all riders do this, it forms an echelon. each rider takes it in turn to step up.

you’ll often see the rider at the front peel off and go to the back, and the next rider takes the lead as well as the brunt of the effort. at its core, the echelon is about a group of individuals – all hungry for individual glory, racing towards the finish line – working as a team when things get tough. this collective effort matters. we all have our personal goals and our individual finish lines, but when we acknowledge the strength of the pack and work as a team, we get further together.