echelon is a body-affirming indoor cycling studio in the heart of dublin city. we get on the bike not to shrink ourselves, but to take up space and celebrate our here-and-now bodies. in the dark, covered in sweat, we recognise our capacities and our strength. all bodies, in all their diversity of size, shape, fitness level, race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender and age are welcome. 

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types of classes at echelon

rhythm ride

rhythm 45 

a high-octane workout where we get lost in the beat. the only rules are you match the rhythm and ride the sound for 45 minutes. includes weights for a full-body workout (formerly input 45)

metrics ride

metrics 45

classic indoor cycling using real-time metrics on your bike’s personal console; expect slow and heavy climbs in this endurance and threshold-based class (formerly output 45)

pulse ride

pulse 45

a metrics ride with the addition of two upper body weights sections, this class focuses on speed and high intensity power intervals (formerly output pulse)

which class should i take?


all three rides are delish in their own ways. in our rhythm ride, we spend lots of time out of the saddle and moving through choreography. it’s high energy and high stamina. our metrics ride is a classic indoor cycling staple. expect lots of endurance efforts where things stay steady yet challenging for extended periods. our pulse ride combines parts of the rhythm ride with parts of the metrics ride and a great introduction to the echelon vibe if you’re joining us for the first time.

in-studio class packs

first timers
  • intro offer

  • 45/mo
    • €15 per class (3 classes)
    • expires in 1 month

  • single class

  • 23/mo
    • €23 per class
    • expires in 1 month

  • 5 class pack

  • 95/mo
    • €19 per class
    • expires in 2 months

  • 10 class pack

  • 180/mo
    • €18 per class
    • expires in 3 months

  • 20 class pack

  • 340/mo
    • €17 per class
    • expires in 6 months


echelon is located in the iconic times building on d’olier st in the heart of dublin city centre

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