the crew

all our instructors are qualified indoor cycling instructors and have graduated from the echelon academy, an intensive in-house training programme that has us all singing from the same spin sheet. every instructor brings their own flair and flavour to a guaranteed exceptional workout.


for paula, rhythm riding is not about an end goal – it’s about the movement, the energy, and the community. in her rides, paula invites you to step out of thinking and into feeling, as we connect to the beat and move as one. you can expect to dance to an eclectic mix of house tunes, pop remixes and trap bangers, with suspenseful beat drops and heavy bass to guide you on the journey. paula teaches rhythm 45 and rhythm 30


carla has been coaching indoor cycling for a decade, and first embraced it as an antidote to some cold and lonely miles being logged as part of her marathon training. she is passionate about the energy of the pack, and the unique quality of indoor cycling to generate something very special – there’s a power that comes from tapping into our strength and determination, fuelled by the music, liberated by the dark. it was always her goal to provide a space for that in the city. as the owner and director of echelon, she is honoured to lead you on that journey. carla teaches metrics, pulse, and vibe


ten years ago, jp had a ‘now or never’ moment to leave the corporate world to follow his passion for health, fitness and movement, and he’s never looked back. a qualified personal trainer, jp is particularly passionate about group fitness and the energy of a team of people with varying goals all moving in the same direction. he believes that we are stronger when we help each other. in his class you can expect positive motivation, an encouraging and uplifting atmosphere and a few bangers for good measure. jp teaches pulse and lift


lisa developed a passion for indoor cycling as a break from the stress and chaos of the london advertising world. after relocating to dublin, lisa’s priority was finding a top notch studio – and she’s been an echelon rider since day one. she took on the role of front of house associate for a year and in 2023, she graduated from the academy as an instructor. you can expect the unexpected in lisa’s class: it’s a musical endurance journey from start to finish. lisa loves to support her riders with pushing their limits, but never to the point of punishment. lisa teaches pulse 45


lauren started her indoor cycling journey in october 2021 after searching for years for the right mix of endorphins and celebration of movement. she found it as a dedicated rhythm rider, hitting her one hundredth ride just before certifying as an instructor. lauren believes in finding escape and joy on the bike, dancing and moving and zoning out. expect early 2000s hits, pop remixes, and classic favourites  and to leave feeling like you’ve just spent a night on the town – without the hangover. lauren teaches rhythm, vibe, and pulse.


favour is a dancer and performer, and his rhythm 45 classes showcase both. expect high energy afro beats in a class that combines indoor cycling and lots of dance moves. it is a fun and energising workout that can help build strength and endurance, and favour will usher you into the day feeling positive and capable. if anyone can help you celebrate yourself, it’s favour.


daniela suarez león is a proud mexican, living in dublin with her dog maple, a cocker + collie mix. she loves a good coffee + brunch and is always looking for new places to go. dani joined echelon as a rhythm rider and is now teaching rhythm and vibe. expect latin energy alongside pop sing-alongs. dani is all about the high energy that comes from our shared experience with music and movement and her hope is that you leave with a smile and a good sweat.


ciarán has been in the client experience industry for nearly two decades, starting in the air as former cabin crew, and now he’s firmly back on land, in human resources, management and team leadership. ciarán started life in echelon as a rider and became an instructor in 2022. as someone in a bigger body, ciarán is determined to show others how movement can be empowering and affirming and his classes are inclusive for people of all sizes and fitness levels. ciarán teaches metrics and beginner


mo is a busy mum working in the corporate world. her other love is guiding yoga lovers through yin. she enjoys dancing and singing with her family to the best 80s electronic rock & 90s house, jam skating with friends and big belly laughter with likeminded souls. her passion for diversity and inclusion shines through in all her classes. the mould of the wellness industry never fit her, and she works hard to pave the way for anyone else not feeling the one-size-fits-all life. jumping onto the bike with mo will push you to find your edge, embrace the dark we all have hidden inside, and finish with the lightness to balance it out. mo teaches metrics and stretch, a 30:30 combo class from bike to mat.


eoin is a front of house associate and facilities co-ordinator – looking after the bikes, the laundry, even the building itself, as well as looking after the riders. when eoin is not at echelon, he is busy editing podcasts and social media content for creators who need his audio-visual and transcription support. he has been on the back-end of echelon since day one.


katy is always looking for an excuse to dance, and that’s why she loves rhythm. during the day she works in management consulting and ux. outside of work she is highly committed to going to as many plays and gigs as her salary allows, being outside, eating yummy things, and reading novels. she is originally from hong kong. she has an extensive and encyclopedic knowledge of just two things: jane austen and instant noodles. she fell in love with echelon because it makes her brain feel incredible, and she hopes she can share a little joy and a whole lotta energy through her classes. katy teaches rhythm


sophie’s classes are designed to strengthen our bodies and mind at once, to support our goals both in and out of the studio. whatever it is you’re looking to achieve, a full body approach is her jam, making sure everything is working together to keep you doing what you love, and staying injury free. as an endurance runner, sophie loves how echelon classes can help add variety into your weekly training schedule, as well as being a great opportunity to get social. sophie teaches lift 45, pulse 45 and is the front of house manager


for sarah, movement looks different depending on the day – she’s a metrics rider and a sea-swimmer. she’s also a yoga instructor and she favours a slow style of movement on the mat. every monday, sarah will be guiding us through stretch 45, helping us to move with integrity, find the pause and soften into the evening

cycling grad - echelon dublin - coming soon


coming soon.

our functional movement expert, charlotte will be coming on board in autumn/winter 2023 for lift and stretch.


as a canadian living in dublin, natalie believes in the power of music and movement to boost energy and mood levels. she fell in love with indoor cycling in toronto and has been an echelon rider since 2021. outside of her 9-5, natalie is a foodie, on the hunt for the best meal in dublin (and high quality ingredients for her home cooked dishes). she loves to boogie to her favourite artists at gigs and musical festivals. expect a high intensity ride with lots of movement and a good sweat!