book your next party at echelon

whether it’s a birthday, a wedding or a reunion of pals, at echelon we know that getting together for a sweat session is a great way to kick off a celebration. whether you’re an avid spinner or looking for a new experience, you will leave our studio feeling rejuvenated, energised, and ready to take on the night.


your private ride package includes:


private spin class: enjoy an electrifying private spin class led by dublin’s best instructors. immerse yourself in energetic beats in a dark room and let those endorphins take over.


flexible scheduling: we offer flexible class scheduling options to accommodate your special day. whether it’s early morning, afternoon or evening, we’ll find the perfect time for you and your guests.


personalised playlists: we create a customised playlist with your favourite tunes, ensuring that every pedal stroke is accompanied by the music that resonates with you the most.


post-spin celebration: after your workout, continue the celebration with some refreshments. options include iced teas/coffees, chilled sparkling water, mimosas/cava/champagne and fruit platters and snack plates. we help you refuel in style.


full access to facilities: your customised experience doesn’t end with the final pedal stroke. our luxurious amenities include a full towel service such as sweat towels and bath towels, premium shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, meticulously chosen to rejuvenate your senses and leave your skin and hair feeling silky smooth and invigorated, hair dryers, hairbrushes, and a selection of hair styling products, body lotions and moisturisers. we’ve got everything you need to go from sweaty to chic effortlessly.


decorations: let us adorn our studio with vibrant decorations depending on your theme, setting the perfect mood for your celebration and creating picture-perfect moments with your guests.


our private packages promise an unforgettable experience, combining the endorphin rush of spinning and the luxury and privacy of our boutique space.


for more information, contact sophie by email on and let us schedule this one-of-a-kind celebration in the heart of dublin city.