all our instructors are qualified indoor cycling instructors and have graduated from the echelon academy, an intensive in-house training programme that has us all singing from the same spin sheet. every instructor brings their own flair and flavour to a guaranteed exceptional workout.

Aisling G - indoor spinning instructor - echelon dublin

aisling g

two things you need to know about aisling:
1. she’s a huge advocate for mental health
2. her most played artists on spotify are britney spears and girls aloud and she is very proud of that.

currently undertaking a masters in mental health in trinity, aisling encourages an overall positive wellbeing in her riders and pt clients. working out shouldn’t be seen as a chore or something to be scared of. she provides an environment where you can momentarily forget your stresses and leave feeling like the best version of yourself.

Camille C - cycling instructor - echelon Dublin

camille c

it’s been 5 years since a friend of camille’s took her to a spin class in london. that first taster of the endorphin highs from a dark, sweaty room filled with bikes and beats had her hooked. she has since trained with spinning, icg and keizer and her number one goal is to recreate that same feeling every time she teaches. you can expect bangers you know, bangers you don’t and a sprinkling of disco beats while she leads you to the finish line. camille believes that the challenge is all the more satisfying when we embrace those snippets of glory along the way.

Carla B - Coaching Indoor Cycling - Echelon Dublin

carla b

carla has been coaching indoor cycling for 5 years, and first embraced it as an antidote to some cold and lonely miles being logged as part of her marathon training. she is passionate about the energy of the pack, and the unique quality of indoor cycling to generate something very special – there’s a power that comes from tapping into our strength and determination, fuelled by the music, liberated by the dark. it was always her goal to provide a space for that in the city. as the owner and director of echelon, she is honoured to lead you on that journey.

Elaine N - schwinn indoor cycling instructor - Echelon Dublin

elaine n

elaine discovered indoor cycling while studying for her accountancy exams, loving the outlet it provided for the stress of her corporate job. she eventually certified as a schwinn indoor cycling instructor, noting considerable improvements in her snowboarding, skiing, hiking and weightlifting. in elaine’s classes, you can expect a well-structured interval ride and empowering playlist, to help propel you up those hill climbs. with her careful instruction and motivation, you will leave each workout feeling elated and stronger in yourself.

jp - indoor cycling coach - echelon Dublin


in 2011, jp had a ‘now or never’ moment to leave the corporate world to follow his passion in health, fitness and movement, and he’s never looked back. a qualified personal trainer, jp is particularly passionate about group fitness and the energy of a team of people with varying goals all moving in the same direction. he believes that we are stronger when we help each other. in his class you can expect positive motivation, an encouraging and uplifting atmosphere and a few bangers for good measure.

louise q - echelon cycling instructor - dublin

louise q

louise found her love and passion for rhythm-riding in the states, where she first embraced the joy of tapping it back to a solid beat. she now coaches the input ride at echelon alongside her 9-5 and knows the power of an efficient workout to bookend your day when you’re tight on time or demands are high. she is all about finding that beat, setting your intention for the day, cycling to a few guilty pleasures and smashing out a great workout. you will leave her class ready to seize the day, inspired by what you accomplished and knowing you gave it your all.

sinead - spinning classes - echelon dublin


with a background in midwifery, sinead is used to delivering on the daily. her classes deliver a healthy dose of sass and spice that will set you up for your day. she believes that the connection between music, movement and a kickass training set harnesses the inner strength you need to rise up and discover your highest self. a seasoned endurance athlete, ironman, and marathoner, she’ll get you to the finish line covered in sweat with a smile on your face.

cycling grad - echelon dublin - coming soon

academy grad 1

cycling grad - echelon dublin - coming soon

academy grad 2