four anytime-anyplace stretches | echelon indoor cycling dublin
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four anytime-anyplace stretches

four anytime-anywhere stretches - echelon indoor cycling dublin

four anytime-anyplace stretches

at echelon, we love a good sweat-fest. but we also love a good stretch-fest. at the end of every ride, we ask you to hang back for an extra couple of minutes to stretch it out with us, and this cool-down is an integral part of the indoor cycling session. it prevents injury, initiates effective recovery, and brings your headspace in line with having to rejoin the city. we get that you might have to dash off, and we always ask you to get a stretch in as soon as you can.

four stetches for anytime-anyplace

below are four stretches that you can do anytime-anyplace; in the office, in the hallway, on the shop floor, the canteen, the bathroom, wherever. we’re targeting areas that can get particularly tight after an intensive workout, particularly as you go about your day and things start to stiffen – areas such as the neck, shoulders, lumbar spine, and quads.

four anytime-anywhere stretches - echelon indoor cycling dublin

quad stretch

stand facing the wall or counter top and place one hand on the wall as your anchor. lift the right foot into the right hand and hold the top of the foot (where shoelaces might be). keeping the knees and hips parallel, pull gently on the right foot, while slowly tilting the pelvis forward. keep the knees in line with one another. you will feel a stretch throughout the front of the thigh. hold for 5-10 seconds, and then repeat with the left leg.

neck stretch

as you are sitting at your desk or table, bring awareness to your head and neck. allow your head to fall to one side, almost like you are attempting to hear a faint whisper coming from your shoulder. gently place a hand on the head close to the other ear to assist the stretch. return to centre after 5-10 seconds and repeat on the opposite side.

shoulder stretch

one arm comes across the body, and using the other arm, press into the forearm and feel the stretch in and all around the shoulder joint. slowly begin to turn the head in the opposite direction. hold for 5-10 seconds and repeat on the opposite side.

the twist

while sitting in a chair, cross the left knee over the right. Place your right hand on your left knee, slowly begin to rotate your entire upper body to the left, looking over your left shoulder while keeping your knees in place. the goal is to twist and stretch the entire lumbar spinal column. repeat on the other side, and then keep repeating this stretch as many times in the day as you wish.