online cycling classes – from our bike to yours


whether you have a spin bike, a stationary bike or a turbo trainer, we have created a range of online content to keep you sweating with us. echelonline features our rhythm ride and our metrics ride, as well as our brand new class concepts strength lab and stretch lab.

  • single 30 minute class

  • 9/mo
    • valid for 7 days
    • video access expires after 48 hours

  • single 45 minute class

  • 11/mo
    • credit valid for 7 days
    • video access expires in 48 hours

  • echelonline 3 class pass

  • 30/mo
    • valid for 7 days
    • video access expires in 48 hours

  • single strength lab class

  • 9/mo
    • valid for 7 days
    • video access expires in 48 hours

  • single stretch lab class

  • 5/mo
    • valid for 7 days
    • video access expires in 48 hours

online cycling classes – which is the right class for me?


if you have a spin bike:


if you have a spin bike at home, all of our online content will be suitable. our signature rhythm ride input45 and input30 will see you ride to the beat of the music, out of the saddle, following choreography that works your arms, chest, core and back as well as your lower body. work up a sweat by dancing on a bike from the comfort of your own home. you also have the option of taking our metrics ride output 45 and output pulse. even if you don’t have a monitor on your spin bike that feeds back the data to you, we’ll coach you on how the road should feel. you’ll be in the saddle for the bulk of the ride, but we have some challenging standing efforts programmed into our output rides if you feel so inclined.


if you have a stationary bike:


a stationary bike or an exercise bike is designed in such a way that you have to stay seated. you are welcome to take output45 and output pulse classes but your ride will have to be modified so that you stay seated. we do not recommend the input ride on a stationary/exercise bike


if you have a turbo trainer:


we specialise in endurance training for cyclists through our metrics ride, so we encourage our outdoor fam to join us indoors on their turbo trainer for output45. however, some turbo trainers just do not allow you to rise out of the saddle safely and we encourage you to modify by staying seated. we do not recommend the input ride if you have a turbo trainer.

how does it work?


  1. create your account by selecting ‘my account’
  2. select ‘buy’ on the credit of your choice (single 30 minute/single 45 minute) to add a single credit to your account. you now have 7 days to use this credit, after which time it will expire.
  3. book your chosen class via ‘timetable’ using your credit
  4. 15 mins in advance of your scheduled class, you will receive the vimeo link and password to access your on-demand video. when you book your class, you have access to the on-demand content for 48 hours from the scheduled class start time.  you can watch your class multiple times within that 48 hour window. after 48hours your access is revoked. there are no extensions
  5. to recap, your credit expires 7 days after purchase, and once you’ve used your credit to access your class, your access expires after 48 hours. there are no extensions